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  • Dave Shoots
    Dealer Principal

  • Jeff Raymond
    General Manager / Managing Partner

    "When you love boating and you love hockey...where else would you live", says Jeff Raymond.  Recently relocating his family to Owen Sound, he's up to the challenge of taking Owen Sound Hyundai to the next level of customer care.  We want to be your car dealer!


    With the true belief that the Sales Department sells the first car, but a dynamic Service Department will sell the rest is what this store thrives on.  Jeff and his team will stop at nothing to earn your business.

    As mentioned, being a die hard boater, a golfer and a huge fan of the sport of hockey, living in the Owen Sound area is dream come true for Jeff and his family.   

    Alongside Diana, his wife, at his side operating as the Controller for the dealership...they have three children.  Two of the older kids are following in their parents careers in the automotive business.   Their youngest can usually be found strapping on goalie pads and playing hockey for Shallow Lake Rep Lakers.

    4 words that best describe Jeff would be:
    -Human.....(makes mistakes and owns up to them).

    With the title of General Manager, Jeff's responsibilities on a day to day basis is very large, but his favourite thing to do is simply meet guests, get to know them and help them purchase their vehicle!  He still gets excited every time he gets a new demo, so he understands how guests feel when driving off in their new wheels.

    Nickname - Razor 

    Favourite Food:  Alaskan King Crab
    Favourite Hyundai:   Genesis Coupe

    Stop in and meet the New Team Owen Sound Hyundai.

  • Diana Raymond

    "It's a team approach, with a family atmosphere" says Diana Raymond.  She's been in automotive retail for the last 25 years and is excited to be team managing with her husband Jeff.

    With a nickname "Lady Di", she fits that description perfectly.  

    Being the proud mother of 3 children, her favourite thing in the world is just being their 'mom'.   With their oldest recently getting married to his high-school sweetheart, she looks forward to the next stage of parenting....she hears its even more fun being a grand-parent.
    She is busy planning the wedding of the 'middle child' in 2017, and keeps busy being a proud 'Hockey mom" to their youngest who plays netminder for the Shallow Lake Rep Lakers.

    Four words that best describe Diana:

    Jeff will add one more and call her very shy.

    In Diana's spare time she loves to watch all levels of hockey, especially Junior hockey and her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.  She loves to be surrounded by family and lots of friends...   Her perfect day is described as sitting on her boat at anchor sipping away a glass of wine.

    Favourite Food:  Pizza
    Favourite Hyundai: Tucson

    Please come meet Diana and the New Team Owen Sound Hyundai.

  • Lisa Hargest
    Customer Service

    Lisa is "the Voice of Owen Sound Hyundai"....when you call in, you will usually get Lisa's friendly, warm voice.   Being a local gal, growing up here in Owen Sound, and went to Westhill Secondary School.   

    In her spare time, Lisa loves to play fetch with her dog.... Duke!  She loves to garden, hang out with friends and when things are quiet, she will snuggle into a good book.   On Tuesday's you will usually find Lisa hanging out with her sister
    (Karen) at the Cineplex taking in the latest greatest movie!

    Four words that best describe Lisa:

    Favourite Food-  her mom's meatloaf and scallop potatoes
    Favourite Hyundai -  Genesis Coupe

    Lisa has opened up her home to 16 Owen Sound Attack players over the years as billets.   At one point, she had 4 players at the same time....and she's proud to have billeted current NHL Edmonton Oiler Andrej Sekera.

    "Thank you for calling Owen Sound Hyundai....Lisa speaking".

  • Lindsay Jones
    Financial Service Consultant

    Lindsay brings a fun, energetic flair to the dealership.

    Most people walk in and immediately recognize Lindsay as the person who sold them their cell phone having worked in that field for about 8 years.   So if we ever need help setting up a guests bluetooth...."Where's Lindsay"?

    Lindsay holds a very responsible role overseeing our Financial Services Dept.   She is responsible for making sure everyone's vehicles are ready in a timely manner, are licensed, and factory warranties registered with Hyundai Canada, along with a VERY long list of other responsibilities. 
    She has extensive background in Sales.

    In her spare time, Lindsay tries to look up what free time actually means.   All kidding aside, Lindsay favourite thing is her dog Roxy...a pure-bred, very gentle Rottweiler.  She's a 2 1/2 year old pup who loves to go for car rides...and has been across Canada a few times now travelling with Lindsay.

    Four words that best describe Lindsay:

    Lindsay recently had to give up ole Betsy (her beat up old Focus) and is the proud new owner of a "Silver Bullet" Elantra, with a go-fast stick!   (Pssss...if this is her insurance agent, the car really isn't that fast.)

    Favourite Food:  Lasagna
    Favourite Hyundai:   Sante Fe

    If you want to have a lot of fun buying a car and needing some assistance with , you need to experience the Lindsay Wow-factor and stop in to meet her. 

  • Dave Hamill
    Sales Consultant

    Having grown up in Owen Sound, Dave has a unique perspective on the community.

    Having spent 20 years as a Pastor, Dave decided it was time for a change in career paths, and was excited about the challenge of selling automobiles, a passion he didn't know he had!

    Retiring from being a Pastor,  Dave feels that his background will make guests comfortable with decisions involving the second largest purchase in most households today!

    Dave has been married to his high school sweetheart Mindy for more than 15 years.   Together they have three children, two boys and a girl.  
    In their spare time you will find Dave camping with the family, going for walks, cheering his daughter on in the swimming pool, or rooting on his son as "The VOICE of the Lakers" in Shallow Lake arena, while he helps defends the net for the Shallow Lake Lakers.

    Four words that would best describe Dave:
    -fun (and creative....Dave can't count, that's 5 words).

    Favourite Food:   Sushi
    Favourite Hyundai:  Sante Fe XL

    If you want a truly enjoyable experience buying a vehicle, you need to look no further and pop in to meet Dave, a valuable part of the New Team Owen Sound Hyundai.  


  • Jenny Wilkie
    Sales Consultant

  • Danielle Gibbons
    Sales Consultant

  • Dave Fassl
    Service Manager

    Legendary Guest Experience starts with Dave and his dynamic Service team.  Dave has been a valuable member of Owen Sound Hyundai since Jan, 2006, in his role as Service Manager.

    Dave is married to his lovely bride Natasha, and they have two sons.  

    In his spare time, you will find Dave usually out of the house being very active in riding ATV's, or cheering on one or both of his boys playing the family's favourite sport, Hockey.

    Four words the best describe Dave:

    Favourite food - Pasta

    Favourite Hyundai - Tucson  

  • Jim Ring
    Parts Manager

    Ahhhh "Jimmie"....what we affectionately call one of our newest members to the Owen Sound Hyundai family.

    Jim's background is extensive ranging from twisting wrenches himself as a tech, running a service dept as a Service Manager, and finally finds himself 'home' in the Parts dept as our Parts Manager.  Knowing where everything is, and helping make the tech's more efficient on our guests repair is what drives Jim.

    In Jim's spare will likely find him whipping up some amazing dishes to feast on in the kitchen with his bride of 25 years,  Beth.  Jim loves to cook, and on a quiet night, if you listen real close you can likely hear Jim and Beth arguing over who is the better cook!

    Beth and Jim have 2 children together, along with 2 cats and a dog.  

    Jim shares his passion of music with his son, and when he's got free time you will find him in the stable with their daughter caring for her horse, "Flyer".

    Four words that would best describe Jim:
    -Pragmatic (gotta look that word
    -Fun-loving (come on Jimmie...that's two words)

    Favourite Food - Chicken Cocotte with Potatoes Boulangere
    Favourite Hyundai - The New Elantra Sport "What a sound"!

    Jim's calm demeanor, focus to detail and pride in providing Legendary Guest Experience, make him a new valuable part of the New Team Owen Sound Hyundai.  

  • Tanya Greig
    Guest Relations Manager

    Tanya has just recently moved to the Grey-Bruce area from the Niagara Region to be closer to family.   Her family has all recently moved to the area over the past few years and when travelling to visit, fell in love with this part of Ontario.

    Tanya loves the title of "Mom".   Her 19 year old is in college working towards a job in the medical field, while her 10 year old enjoys sports...and playing with cousins.

    In her free time, Tanya enjoys going for bike rides with her husband Dave (married over 11 years now), and walks with her children.   The family is also proud to have their 75lb Golden Retriever "Bo" along with those strolls.

    4 Words that best describe Tanya:

    -Hard-working (needed to be hyphenated to make sure it was one word)

    For any of your Service needs, please feel free to reach out to Tanya and you will see first hand why were excited to have her on our Team.

  • John Shortt
    Service Advisor

    John is one of our newest members to the Owen Sound Hyundai family, but by no means is he new to the industry.  John joined us in 2016 as a valuable member to our Service Team as an Advisor.   However, his career spans over 30 years in the Owen Sound area taking care of guests service needs with other manufacturers.

    John is married to his lovely wife Laurie, and together they have two daughters, Michelle and Shari.   They recently welcomed a baby grandson to the family who they say won't be spoiled by grandma and grandpa, but we know the truth.

    John and Laurie have been "very" long time Season ticket holders to their favourite junior hockey team, our local Owen Sound Attack.

    In his free time, John loves to travel to either Barrie, or even play the slots or take in a show.  However, it's not uncommon to see John out walking the streets of Owen Sound on a daily basis after work getting in a little exercise.

    Four words that best describe John:

    Favourite food: Liver and onions

    Favourite Hyundai:  Elantra

    Please, for all your service needs please stop in and meet John.  You will be glad you did...

  • Sherry Ruysseveldt
    Service Advisor

  • Steve Mitchell

  • Bob McClean

  • Sajeev Villody

  • Rod Grech

  • Dan Kitto

  • Chase Raymond
    GM in training

    As the youngest son of Jeff and Diana, Chase is the final piece of the puzzle.   With that, Jeff and Diana, along with their 3 kids are all active in the automotive field.

    Chase chips in when needed can often be found hanging out on busy Saturday's answering phones, or serving guests.

    In Chase's free time, his favourite thing to do is slap on goalie pads and stand in front of pucks that come flying at him while he guards the net for his boys, all part of the Peewee Rep Shallow Lake Lakers.

    He is also an avid You-tuber...and overall tech-geek.  If dad can't figure it out, Chase usually has to step in.

    Four words that best describe Chase:

    Favourite Food:  Pizza
    Favourite Hyundai:   Genesis Coupe (like his dad)

    While still trying to figure out if he will be an astronaut, an NHL Goalie, professional You-Tuber or all the above...Chase would love to show all our guests we simply believe in taking care of them.  Our guests are a valuable extension of the Owen Sound Hyundai family.